What are AutoSign™ products made from?

We use a 3M or AVERY Promotional Grade vinyl decal material. This short-term polymeric calendered vinyl film features a semi-gloss finish, is self-adhesive, and has excellent installation and removal characteristics.  If your products are also imprinted we thermal-fuse the color to the vinyl for a high-quality durable product.  Outdoor performance life is up to 2 years without noticable fade or degradation. 

Will AutoSign™ products damage the paint or windshields of new cars?

No.  Our decals remove cleanly and will not damage paint.  Please follow our Removal Instructions included with Installation Instructions in the INSTALLATION section. 

What is AutoChange Vinyl Decal Material?

AutoChange™ Vinyl Decal Material is a removable 3M vinyl with a temporary adhesive system perfect for vehicle side advertising and temporary signs and labels. You can create a point vehicle with the confidence you won't damage the vehicle's painted surface at point of removal. 

AutoChange™ peels off without heat or chemicals for up to two years after application with little or no adhesive residue. Simply use your fingernail to peel up an edge of the vinyl. As you gain hold pull slowly and evenly.  

Outdoor performance life is up to 2 years. 

What are 3M FloorMinders™ ?

This point of purchase graphic system that has been proven to increase sales 15-30%.

3M FloorMinders™ consist of a 4.5 mil base film (3M Controltac Plus 162) and a 8.5 mil 3M Scotchcal Overlaminate 3645 (UL recognized for slip resistance)

3M FloorMinders™  Graphics From AutoSign can be removed for up to one year after application without using heat or chemicals and without leaving an adhesive residue.  Remove the graphic by lifting one edge and pulling it off at a sharp angle. The floor wax under the graphic may also be removed and the floor may need to be re-waxed.  

What are AutoMag Magnetic Signs?

A 24-mil vehicle-strength magnetic material, imprinted and then contour cut to any finished shape. Multi-colour and photo imaging is available.  This tuff, exterior grade material will not delaminate and damage your paint.  Please be sure to follow our maintenance instructions for best results. 

What are AutoCling Static Cling Decals?

A non-adhesive product for Interior applications & short term exterior use.  Clings to glass with static friction.

  • 7.5 mil film.

  • Clear and White.

  • Can be thermal imprinted in a variety of colours

  • Can be Die-Cut to any shape